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About Toro Trucking Academy

Our Mission:

To provide our students the best Entry-Level Commercial Driver training in the industry; and to build a strong foundation of safety, knowledge, and skills for their future growth and development as commercial drivers.

Our Beginning:

Toro Trucking Academy was founded by trucking professionals who saw an opportunity to create the best CDL school in the Pacific Northwest. Over a decade, and thousands of successful graduates later, we can proudly say we have accomplished that goal.


However, while we are the premier CDL school in Washington and Oregon, we continually strive to improve our tools and methodologies to elevate our student experience and outcomes. Visit us and see why Toro Academy is the preferred professional driving school in OR and WA.

Our Promise:

We understand that every student comes to class with a different set of driving knowledge and experience, as well as diverse ways of learning. We pride ourselves in taking the time to know our students and tailor the course material and techniques to best fit the individual. 

Earning a CDL takes a commitment of time and money, but if you show up and put in the effort, we promise we can get you there!

Student Testimonials

Otis K.

I would like to give a big shout out to Toro Trucking academy! They are an amazing set of ppl with a wealth of knowledge to get you on the right path to obtaining and keeping your CDL. Drives were fun and very much informative. Would definitely recommend anyone thinking of getting their CDL to give them a call!!!

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