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CDL Passenger Endorsement

Passenger Endorsement Course Details

Our Passenger Endorsement Course is a 14 hour add-on to our Class B (or Class A) program

Typically our Passenger Endorsement is taught in conjunction with the Class B CDL course. This way just adds an extra couple of days onto the normal 2-week course and you'll come out with a CDL and Passenger/Bus endorsement.

The Passenger endorsement can also be added to an existing Class A or Class B CDL. This stand-alone course is a two-week course to ensure all the State exam knowledge and skills are honed for a successful test.


- Obtain Passenger Endorsement Permit from the DMV

Final State CDL Exam involves:

- Pre-Trip Inspection

- Backing Maneuvers

- Driving on city streets and highways

During the course, you will have ample opportunity to learn and perfect these skills through repetition under the expert guidance of our instructors. We will continually evaluate your progress throughout the course to ensure you are on the path to pass your CDL exam.


Once you are proficient in performing the exam skills we will schedule your final CDL exam with the State Examiner and get the equipment to the test site. You'll just need to show up, pass the test and you'll have your CDL and Passenger Endorsement the next day!

Why get a CDL Passenger Endorsement?

The key to a long, rewarding, and fruitful trucking career is being open to any potential job opportunity. Many new drivers pursue a Class A or Class B CDL, get an entry-level trucking position, and call it good. However, receiving additional education in the form of a CDL passenger endorsement increases your chances of finding stable and consistent employment opportunities throughout your career. 

The Road To Getting a Passenger Endorsement License

A standard Class CDL allows you to drive a wide range of commercial trucks and vehicles professionally. However, a CDL with a Class P endorsement is required in most states if you want to operate a vehicle with more than 15 passengers. Here at Toro Trucking Academy, we offer a specialized passenger bus driver training course specifically designed to prepare you to operate passenger vehicles. This course includes expert training in the classroom and behind the wheel of a bus. During these classes, our knowledgable driving instructors guide students on best practices and driving tips to increase their safety and effectiveness behind the wheel. Upon completing the CDL passenger endorsement, students will add their Class P certification to their CDLs and pursue a wide range of job opportunities!

Why Choose Toro Trucking Academy?

Our mission at Toro Trucking Academy is simple—to pass on valuable knowledge and experience to the next generation of capable and skilled truckers, leading to great paying driving careers. To accomplish this goal, we prioritize post-graduation employment for all our students and try to get them working the minute they leave our classrooms. However, if students require additional certification to secure an employment opportunity, Toro Trucking is happy to provide additional endorsements. In fact, all Toro Trucking alumni who are within six months of graduating from their Class A or B CDL classes can apply for a CDL passenger endorsement and receive a 10 percent discount! Contact our friendly team today to learn more about the benefits of pursuing a CDL endorsement.

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