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Class A CDL Training

Class A CDL Course Summary

Our Class A Course is a 4-week class (160 hours)

Week 1 is spent in the classroom where you will learn all the theory, safety, rules & regulations, hours of service and everything else you need to know to become a safe professional driver.

Week 2-4 is spent in and around the trucks. Here you will be learning and perfecting the skills and knowledge you will need to pass the State CDL Exam. These skills include three basic areas:

- Pre-Trip Inspection

- Yard & Backing Maneuvers

- Driving on city streets and highways

Over the 3 weeks, you will have ample opportunity to learn and perfect these skills through repetition under the expert guidance of our instructors. We will continually evaluate your progress throughout the course to ensure you are on the path to pass your CDL exam.

Once you are proficient in performing the exam skills we will schedule your final CDL exam with the State Examiner and get the equipment to the test site. You'll just need to show up, pass the test and you'll have your CDL the next day!

Class A CDL Course Details

Class A CDL training courses must be a minimum of four weeks (160 hours) long, as mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The first week of the course consists of classroom instruction from our experienced and knowledgeable teachers. This portion of the program focuses on the essential theoretical and practical concepts you need to know before beginning your trucking career.


The following three weeks depart from a classroom setting to prioritize practical trucking skills through hands-on experience. During this portion of the class, students practice various trucking skills and maneuvers, study the pre-trip inspection list required by the state, and more, all under the guidance of our talented Toro Trucking staff! Trucking instructors also talk students through likely scenarios they may face while on the road and the proper techniques, tools, and resources to safely resolve these issues.  


After completing the four week course, you can officially obtain your license. With this certification and experience, you will now possess the ideal skills and knowledge to secure a valuable entry-level trucking position. Plus, the lessons and concepts learned in the classroom and behind the wheel at Toro Trucking Academy will stay with you throughout your entire career. Contact our friendly team at Toro Trucking Academy today to learn more about our CDL training opportunities. 

Student Testimonials

Otis K.

I would like to give a big shout out to Toro Trucking academy! They are an amazing set of ppl with a wealth of knowledge to get you on the right path to obtaining and keeping your CDL. Drives were fun and very much informative. Would definitely recommend anyone thinking of getting their CDL to give them a call!!!

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