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Class B CDL Training

Class B CDL Course Details

Our Class B Course is a 2-week class (80 hours)

Week 1 is spent in the classroom where you will learn all the theory, safety, rules & regulations, hours of service and everything else you need to know to become a safe professional Class B driver.

Week 2 is spent in and around the trucks. Here you will be learning and perfecting the skills and knowledge you will need to pass the State Class B CDL Exam. These skills include three basic areas:

- Pre-Trip Inspection

- Backing Maneuvers

- Driving on city streets and highways

Many of our Class B students opt to add a Passenger Endorsement to their license. This broadens their career options by permitting them to drive passenger and school buses. If this is of interest, make sure you inquire with our office during your enrollment process because there are some additional pre-enrollment items to take care of.

Over the 2 week course, you will have ample opportunity to learn and perfect these skills through repetition under the expert guidance of our instructors. We will continually evaluate your progress throughout the course to ensure you are on the path to pass your CDL exam.


Once you are proficient in performing the exam skills we will schedule your final CDL exam with the State Examiner and get the equipment to the test site. You'll just need to show up, pass the test and you'll have your CDL the next day!

There are three classifications of vehicles in the world of trucking: Class A, B, and C. A Class A CDL allows individuals to professionally operate practically any type of large vehicle, while Class C CDLs only permit operating passenger vans or smaller hazmat vehicles. But what if your career aspirations fall somewhere in the middle? That’s where the importance of a Class B CDL license comes into play! Learn more about the advantages of pursuing Class B CDL training and classes here at Toro Trucking Academy.


What Is Class B CDL Training?

Unlike the standard four-week model of most Class A CDL training courses, Class B CDL schools last just two weeks. During that period, students receive a week of classroom instruction taught by working and experienced teachers. This portion consists of mostly theoretical and practical concepts you will need once you start your trucking career. Then, the following week focuses entirely on practical, hands-on trucking skills and experience, including learning to maneuver urban environments in a Class B automobile safely and efficiently. Toro Trucking teachers remain by your side during the second week of education to ensure proper development and safety for everyone, as well as provide valuable insights and resources while students are behind the wheel.


What Does a Class B CDL License Permit?

Simply put, a Class B CDL license allows individuals to professionally drive non-articulated commercial vehicles, such as dump trucks, cement mixers, buses, and more. Class B CDLs grant access to any large vehicle with the following specifications:

  • Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 26,000 lb.

  • Transports 24 or more passengers (including the driver)

  • Can tow vehicles/cargo with a GVWR under 10,000 lb.

The Benefits of Class B CDL Classes

Pursuing Class B CDL training and resources at Toro Trucking Academy is the first step in jumpstarting a rewarding and enjoyable career! In just two short weeks, students learn from the experts and gain superior experience operating larger trucks and automobiles. More importantly, with a Class B CDL license, program graduates can quickly apply for tremendous entry-level trucking positions with plenty of potential for career growth! Contact our friendly Toro Trucking team today to learn more about our Class B CDL training and the opportunities these classes can open for you.

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